MRAWe keep you safe

MRA is an agency of the United Nations which deals with metahuman activity and threats to global security. While primarily created to handle and incapacitate dangerous metahumans while helping more benign metahumans fit into global society, they have become one of the top defense agencies in the world.

While they are ostensibly under the control of the UN as a whole, more than a few people have their queries about MRA’s allegiances. They favor the United States and Western Europe, but some evidence has shown black ops teams backing other foreign countries and private powers. Officially, they are UN watchdogs. In truth, they are treated as another player in the global power scheme.

The head of MRA is an ex-United States CIA agent, Jon Umbral. Umbral is little seen, with much of the large agency believing him to be more of a false figurehead for them to follow. Many whisper of him being the ultimate golden boy while others talk of him as the devil himself. He is, in truth, one of the greatest spies in the world, and is a firm believer in the power of knowledge. Under his leadership, the fourth Director of the MRA, he has gained it its status as a personal agent, and is moving it in a position to be the worlds prime defensive agency.

Under Umbral, the MRA is divided into various Branches of the MRA. These include counter-terrorism, intelligence gathering, metahuman relations, and a multitude of others. They are all under the direct command of Umbral, some of them only know to him and the few others he has chosen to reveal them to.

The largest portion of the MRA are the Metahuman Response Teams. These teams are formed of both human and metahuman agents. Their purposes are varied, with some specialized in metahuman combat, some in intelligence gathering, and others in military aid. Few are held to one consistent purpose and are normally given assignments based upon their collection of skills and past experience.

While many metahumans are recruited to the ranks of the MRA, the bevy of them are either found abandoned as children, or as run aways from a world they cannot understand. The concentration of metahuman agents also give rise to children born among their ranks with metahuman abilities. These children are raised at The Daycare, a secret facility which acts as metahuman orphanage and training ground for future agents.



Metahuman Response Agency (MRA)